Tamping and Regulating

After a solid days work with our crew of 5, we’ve tamped all the sleepers and regulated the ballast between Midland Hwy and Maclise St.

The day began with a collection of jewellery left over from yesterday.

Followed by lots of ballast regulating (scraping) to provide sufficient rock to tamp and fill in the voids.

After morning tea, began the tamping, with every sleeper requiring a tamp through here as well as some sections of dips being jacked.

The result is a brilliant looking curve! One we hope will now be strong for many years to come.

Some final boxing up with the digger gave us a very tidy result, looks like a mainline!

We would expect this section to comfortably survive in its current condition for at least 2 years, after which another round of sleepers will be likely.

The gang will be out again on Tuesday, preparing the 80lb rails at Muckleford that we didn’t get time to get to today. Please come along if your free, any extra hands make a big difference.

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