Closing the gap

Today was full steam ahead into the small section of 60lb left in tangent 14-15 (it’s actually the very slight reverse curves leading to the bridge but very nearly a straight so we refer to it as a tangent most of the time). The up or north leg is this week’s job, with the down leg to follow very shortly.

The team having a good look at their efforts! The foreground is the occupation crossing which has been dug up to allow the re-railing to occur.

Right at the start of works, the rattle gun ready to pull screws, the spike puller in the background and the 80lb in the centre ready to go in.

The 60 starting to come out, with the 80 awaiting pushing across into place.

A couple of Norm, Bazz and Pete as they discuss and pose with the spiking hammer.

Some ‘wheel eye views’ of the spiker in action, working towards the camera driving in the spikes on the way.

The rail through the crossing all spiked down, thankfully the joint is ‘just’ out of crossing, important for bolt tightening later on.

Here Colin admires the joining of the newly installed rail to the existing 80lb over the bridge.

Which means we have retrieved two sets of junction fish plates, always nice to have a few more on hand.

The obligatory lunch time shots, Norm was obviously feeling camera shy so tried hiding by the truck.

By the close of play today all 16 lengths were dogged down and bolted up with only a little over half of them to be tamped up tomorrow for job finished! The gang will be out again tomorrow though, meeting at Maldon from 8 am or back here from 8.30.

Thanks to Bruce for today’s pictures.

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