Re-railing prep

Out again this week re-railing. Today was material distributing and preparation to speed things up Thursday and Friday.

First off we set about removing anchors, steel sleeper fastenings and digging out the occupation crossing.

Here Rolf wanders back after dropping out fish bolts.

By lunch we’d drop out all the needed materials and bolted up the rails into lengths of 3. This will be one of our smaller jobs, with only 16 lengths required here.

After the preparations we set about finishing off a few odd jobs, first off was fastening down some steel sleepers that happened to be under joints, not the easiest process but it can done. Here Rolf and John tighten up the last bolt, with a spanner as the rattle gun won’t fit on with the panadol clip in the way. Eventually with resleepering these will be adjusted to remove these problems.

Then onto the exciting job of picking up the old jewellery, the team last week had kindly placed it in piles which made the job much easier.

One job still hanging over from last week was boxing up around the concrete sleepers.

After some ballast regulating with the mud bucket and a bit of shovelling, we have it looking very tidy.

We’ll be out here again this Thursday and Friday to get these 80lb rails in, please feel free to come along and help out.

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