Finishing off

We were back into the job today, finishing off the spiking and fastening up the steel sleepers.

Right at the start of work, with the drilling well under way the spike driver was also in fill swing trying to keep up, just to mix things up we decided to work up the hill…. Made for slightly harder work but not overly.

Here looking back the job, with two drillers and one standing the dog spikes racing up the hill. The eagle eyed will note the Y class in the distance, we bought that down for later on, but it marks where we reached yesterday with the spiking.

These pics show a view further up the hill, yet to be spiked but after a quick cuppa we raced through this section.

By about 11.30 we had all the spiking complete.

The finished product! You can see that the right hand rail is still rusty, with a busy weekend of trains forecast this will look like its always been there on Monday.

Here’s a pic right at the bottom of the hill showing the next section to be re-railed, which will be next week.

The purpose of the Y class was to bring out a wagon of rails, which you can see here have been placed out right down to the bridge, ready for next week.

A last couple of pics showing off what we’ve achieved and what will be achieved next week.

We will be out preparing for this on Tuesday and could really use an extra pair of hands, so please let Will know via if you’re able to help out.

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