Back on our railway and back into it

We’re back into the full swing of it on the VGR, with the next re-railing project now fully prepared and just awaiting the man power.

The next section will be the other leg of tangent 14-15. This time aiming for 30 rails in the two days (3 more than last time).

The pic above from the digger shows a bright light which is in fact the Y class with a wagon load of rail that is about to be unloaded.

By the close of play we’d dropped out and positioned all the rails. We’ve bolted up strings of 3 rail lengths, so we’ve got 10 strings ready to install to make up the 30. Here John takes a breather after we bolted up the last string.

While Ian drops out the last of the fish bolts. This section pictured will actually be part of the next project but as the rail was already on the wagon it was easiest to distribute it today.

Depending on weather and man power we’re hoping to tackle this on Thursday and Friday.

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