Tangent 14-15

Well we set another record today, by 11.15am we had the whole 27 lengths spiked in, without help from our prison workforce!!

These pics show the last few lengths being spiked in.

A few of the completed job, featuring our trusty gang truck.

After lunch we clipped up the steel sleepers, collected the old jewellery and sorted it accordingly. Here Trevor and Tony were placing the old jewellery into the bucket for sorting.

Our sights were then directed to preparing for re-railing the other leg.

Using the bucket as a blade allows ballast close to the track to be scrapped away from the work zone and provide an even surface to place the 80lb in before installation.

The next few pics are just to show off our hard work!

It was an enormous two days work, but the result is fantastic, the ride is already billiard table smooth by comparison!

Thanks again to everyone who was able to help out, and watch this space for details of our next re-railing job.

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