Tangent 14-15

Today saw an incredible achievement, with 27 x 80lb rails installed, spiked 1 in 3, in the down leg of tangent 14-15 (near Muckleford Creek Bridge).

The start of works, showing unbolting of the first rail and power pack for spike pulling.

Here Bruce is pulling spikes with Clive further ahead removing screws.

Unfortunately there were are no completed pics as it seemed the rain was about to start (still hasn’t arrived!) and we made a dash for home, but tomorrow we will have the job completed and lots of pics to show off our hard work.

A lot of mid week preparation occurred to help with this achievement, bolting 2 out of 3 rails together, material distribution and steel sleeper inbolting, however it has really paid off!

We’ve even tamped all the sleepers to make tomorrow’s drilling job easier and quicker.

We’ll be out on site from around 8.30 tomorrow, so please join us as there’s still lots to do and the more hands the easier the job.

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