Rail Train

Today we had a guest photographer, Tony Sedawie. He captured the various scenes from today’s rail train.

First off we loaded 60lb rail into a QN wagon.

The excavator can handle all the loading with no other intervention required. The motley collection of rolling stock is just due to the order of the stock stored at Muckleford, easier to grab the lot than shunt out just the one wagon.

A rare pic of Will (usually taking the pics) hard at work straining all those arm muscles controlling the excavator.

After lunch we’d finished the loading of the 60lb, so it was time to get some 80lb out for the next re-railing job. Seen here during afternoon tea at Muckleford.

Again the digger does all the heavy work, with Trevor being the eyes on the ground, signalling the trains movement.

Lifting the rails off the wagon (just out of sight) and into the 5 foot.

Trevor signalling to the excavator how far to pull out the rail to allow it to be gently lifted onto the ground rather than dropped.

At the end of today we’ve got 29 rails ready for the next fortnight’s work (probably a bit optimistic but you never know).

Weather permitting we’ll be into this job next Thursday and Friday.

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