Tidy up and Material drop out

Today we cleaned up the last of the track jewellery from Curve 16.

You can see the piles of plates to the right, these were surplus here so were transported them down the hill to our next job.

Before leaving curve 16 we neatly stacked all the fishplates from the broken up 60lb onto a pallet, much easier for transport and storage.

Our next re-railing project is the straight leading down to Muckleford Creek Bridge.

We distributed the sleeper plates, seen to the right of the right hand rail, removed anchors and unbolted the steel sleepers, which well and truly used up the afternoon. The pic above shows us collecting anchors.

Nearing the end of the day’s work, looking towards Maldon the length of this straight is evident. It’ll certainly keep us busy for at least a couple of months.

We’re back out tomorrow collecting and distributing rails, so if you’re at a loose end and keen to see how we operate our rail trains, why not join us, leaving Maldon at 8.30.

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