Some tidying and a new stand

Monday’s are normally a preparation day for the work gangs later in the week, but given the small gangs this week this left time for some other jobs too.

A small job but one that had been put off for a while, cleaning up a pile of old sleepers in Maldon Yard (just visible on left) which were strewn about after several moves for various reasons.

While there, the collection of rails and odds and sods in the grass were stacked to make mowing easier and look much tidier.

But more excitingly today we trial fitted Bazz’s new rail stand for the well wagons.

This is to replace the pile of timber sleepers currently required to stack rail on the wagons, which while they serve the purpose are very inconvenient.

This pic shows why the stand is needed, to provide support in the ‘well’ of the wagon, with Bazz admiring his handiwork.

There’s a few high adjustments required, mainly due to the uneven floor of the wagon, but hopefully later this week we’ll give it a test.

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