Re-railing Preparations and Trees

Today saw a very good amount of re-railing preparation undertaken, with the section from Boundary Track to Rifle Range Bridge very much ready to have it’s rail changed in the coming weeks. However without a digger, no actual re-railing was able to take place.

Lots of spikes were pulled.

Any rails that could be drilled were, which should save a significant amount of time on re-railing day.

In a slightly rear appearance on the Blog, our signalling engineer Gary was spotted changing over a faulty flashing light head at Bendigo Road Level Crossing. Unfortunately the signalling department often don’t quite make the blog as we’re often not on hand with a camera to catch them in action.

The reason for no digger, was that they were both on hand by Rowe Street today, assisting V/Line in clearing vegetation from near the Johnstone Street Arch Road Bridge. There is still a little more to go tomorrow, but the weedy poplars that have infested that bank for many decades are now on their way out. This is to help improve the drainage at the bridge, which has proven to be working less than desirably and to improve crossing visibility. This sort of job is far bigger than we could normally handle in house, so having V/Line and their contractors available to do the works, making use of our excavators to haul the felled branches into a chipped is a win – win for everyone.

Tomorrow’s gang will meet at Rowe Street Level Crossing from 8.30am, where we’ll also undertake some minor vegetation works near the crossing.

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