Well we’re back into the re-railing program, with a good start made today on the UP side of Sawmill Rd.

A total of 7 x 40m lengths of 80lb rail were installed (unlike last year’s rerailing with 94lb, all of this year’s will be 80lb).

We have modified our process a little, where we collect the old jewellery as we go, its tidier, but is a bit more time consuming.

Otherwise all very much the same as last year, we have been trimming the occasional rail, this will allow us to avoid using any bar plates (as we have none).

We had to swap a couple of rails over, they’d obviously been unloaded incorrectly off the train, but that was an easy fix.

By the end of the day however, all the concretes were clipped up and it was already looking much better! We’re a little slower than last year, but that’s just because we need to re-learn all the little tips and tricks (such as making sure there’s a spare blade for the saw on the digger!).

Tomorrow’s crew will be continuing on, meeting out on site near Sawmill Road from 8.30am

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