Concrete Sleepers

We managed a very comfortable 40 concrete sleepers today, installed between Muckleford Yard and Chapman’s Lane.

These have been installed into a roughly 1 in 4 pattern, with a few extra where sleepers were particularly poor.

It was a very comfortable days work, from unspiking, running a 2inch along the length, installing the sleepers and a full tidy up, tamp and box up.

The only thing that would make it better now would be a hundred tonnes of ballast and a production tamp, hopefully those days will come.

This 1 in 4 pattern is something we’ll be progressively working on over the next few years. Continuing on all the way to Maldon. This will effectively pin our gauge all the way and give us a little more flexibility in replacing the remaining timber sleepers, hopefully aligning with more comcrets being made available through the level crossing renewal projects around the state.

Next week will hopefully see us back into rerailing, however, check back here Monday for details of Tuesday as it may end up being a preparation week.

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