Turnout Maldon

Another successful day today, with all the spikes and screws now driven.

Once that straight leg is in, it’s all just one big kit of bits.

We’re very happy with how it’s come up, as it’s now a third hand turnout, made from well used rail, so getting everything looking perfect can be quite a task, but it’s certainly looking very smart. The curve is slightly flat around the fishplates and a few of the welds. However, that’s neither here nor there in terms of it’s functionality.

Tuesday will see us finish off the finer details, spreader bars, heel bolts, etc… then we’ll switch over to doing a bit of resleepeeing in Maldon Yard, as it’s now due a good look at.

We probably won’t get this turnout in for a while yet, the main issue being it’s a few days worth of work and there’s little to no point in rushing it, so we’ll probably take a full week to do it, however, it’ll mean trains won’t be able to run around at all, so we’ll need to wait until we can schedule a train to run with a loco at each end.

Tuesday crew will be meeting at Maldon from 8am.

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