Muckleford Creek

Today was an action packed day of welding.

We’ve now welded up and bolted (almost all) the angles back on, at the piers where we’ve installed the steel crossheads. We’ve still got two bolts to install, and that’s only due to us not having two bolts of the correct length available, however we’ve installed temporary short bolts to hold the cotton reels in place and allow tightening of the other bolts.

Time will be the tell now as to the success of this method, however we’re quietly confident this will work.

Next week will see the two new piles installed, Tuesday’s crew meeting at Maldon from 8am or on site from 8.45am.

One thought on “Muckleford Creek

  1. Hi, was there a reason you didn’t use box tube to replicate timber instead of C channel, apart from extra cost of tube and having to use longer bolts?


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