Maldon Tidy Up

Today was a very tidy up and order the place kinda of day, with trimming of grass around the station, a bit more weedspray and various other odd jobs like burning a bonfire and standing some bollards.

Thursday will be a bit of a social day, to help celebrate all our achievements in 2022, we’ll still be doing a bit of work around Maldon in the morning (from 8am) then we’ll run a special train to actually go out and experience all the trackwork we’ve done.

2 thoughts on “Maldon Tidy Up

  1. Experience all the track work you’ve done. On that, I don’t doubt a wonderful job had been done. It’s evident in all the works photos you’ve posted.
    But is there a rail evaluation recording from something like EM100 that shows the comparison??


    1. Hi David, Unfortunately our pockets aren’t quite deep enough to be able to hire in EM100 or an equivalent geometry recording car (or even purchase a very simple machine – still many many thousands of dollars) – we do hope in the future to be able to undertake this style of inspection, however we won’t ever have anything to compare it against as no such recording has ever occurred. The most evident result is the significant improvement in ride – the simple test of a glass of water sitting on a table in the carriage certainly yields excellent result in the re-laid sections of track – we do of course manually check any visually present defects for exceedances of twist and the like.


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