Ballast Trains

Today saw us run the last of our ballast trains for a while, primarily as we’re now out of ballast.

The main drop was on a section near Maldon which had little to no real ballast on it.

We also spent quite a bit of effort trying to get the last of the rock out of the wagons, which proved to be quite a challenge as it has set a little like concrete in the corners, but we’ve done fair well and hopefully as it dries out the last of it will fall.

It’s quite a good looking little train all told, and yes we are aware we forgot to put the tail disc up, although we spent as much time going backwards as forwards so we would’ve been wrong either way.

Tuesday we’ll be spending the day at Maldon attacking various tasks, we need to get on top of some vegetation there, it’s not too bad, but a tidy up is still needed. Meeting there from 8.30am.

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