Sleeper plates

Another action filled day of dropping out and stacking sleeper plates! We certainly feel we’re getting close to earning our proficiency badges now.

A small team also managed to get all the standing spikes driven, meaning we’ve now got only one side to go! Sounds easy if you say it fast.

The afternoon was spent doing the glorious task of stacking sleeper plates onto pallets! We managed 4 pallets worth before all of us decided we’d achieved quite a sufficient amount! That’s around 960 plates, which sounds a lot, until you’re out on the ground and realise just how much distance we’ve covered with the rerailing, no doubt we’ll still need to load up at least another 3 pallets before the job is done.

Thursday and Friday are looking wet, particularly Thursday. Check back here Tomorrow night for details of Thursday, however it’s looking like it’ll be wet.

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