Drilling and wet weather

Firstly, apologies for the late Tuesday blog and secondly, given the weather tomorrow is looking very very wet, there will be no workday. Friday may end being cancelled too, check back here tomorrow night.

Anyhow, Tuesday was successful, with just under 1km worth of sleepers drilled and spikes started.

A procession of drillers followed by spikers kept making their way along the track.

Works had to be halted momentarily as a Driver Experience train passed through the worksite, quite rare for a train to be running on a trackwork day, so a nice change for the gang.

The crew just kept on moving up the hill, with the progress very impressive.

Another short break in the works as the train returned through in the afternoon.

We’d all had enough of that by mid afternoon, so rounded out the afternoon by stacking a couple of pallets of sleeper plates.

Check back here on Friday for details of works next week.

2 thoughts on “Drilling and wet weather

  1. What a great job the track gang are doing.
    Just one question, what is to become of all the old rail that has been removed? Recycle perhaps?


    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for you kind comments, we’ve certainly been putting in a lot of effort!.
      The old rail remains a government asset and we’re working with them to recycle as much of it as possible to other Heritage Railways, given it’s age and small size, it’s unlikely it’ll see much use besides in sidings, however rail is also a useful material in lineside infrastructure and it’ll likely live out its days with a range of new purposes.


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