Dog Spikes and sleeper plates

Yesterday’s small gang spent the day dropping out spikes along all the plates that were inserted on Thursday, ready for drilling and spike standing on Tuesday.

Following that, sleeper plates were dropped out all the way to Sawmill Road on one leg, ready for insertion late next week. This process is happening much quicker than first expected, it’s certainly not an exciting part of the job, but setting up and getting into a system that keeps moving along is quite efficient.

We’re focussing on just one leg at a time, as with the other leg unplated, we can still see where the old holes are, making drilling new holes much easier. So far it seems to be working well.

It’s also now obvious just how far we have rerailed, as everything is now involving a lot of walking!

Tuesday’s gang will meet at Maldon at 8am or out near Gas Pipeline from 8.30am.

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