Curve 10

On a day that felt like it was going to be a washout, we achieved managed to achieve an enormous amount.

We began with the goal of installing 3 lengths of rail into the low leg of the curve, as the weather was looking very unfavourable.

However after a few extended breaks sheltering in the vehicles, we ended up installing 10 lengths, a distance of 374m, taking up almost up to the start of Curve 9.

It’s a little hard to tell from this pic, but the end point was another rail length past where the digger is.

And it wouldn’t be a day in the rain without a little bit of bogging.

Unfortunately simple and convenient to extract, taking all the fun out of it, we didn’t even have to get the digger off the track.

Tomorrow’s gang will meet on site from 8.15am (mind you don’t park in any soft ground), the weather is looking a bit interesting, so it may end up being more preparation for the next rerailing than actual rerailing, allowing us to hid in vehicles to escape the rain if required.

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