Curve 11

Today’s small gang of 3 managed another quite impressive feat of 155m of rerailing.

A nice steady methodical plod saw it all come together without too much back breaking slog.

We did find it was easier to place every tool one could possibly need on the excavator, we think it’s probably time to build a removable shelf to hang out the front to give us a slightly more organised storage area.

By day’s end, we’d achieved a considerable amount, with only 2 rails left now to complete the curve, which should easily be managed on Tuesday.

After publishing yesterday’s blog, while updating the records, it became obvious that the 573m of rail that was installed yesterday was infact an all time daily record and by quite an amount! The previous record was only 385m…

So we are certainly getting into our stride with this job now. It would be a little unrealistic to think we can sustain this pace forever, but it would be reasonable to assume with sufficient preparation, we could regularly achieve 600-700m a week comfortably.

Monday had been listed as a workday, however the weather is looking wet, so we’ll cancel that, however Tuesday is still a goer, meeting Maldon 8am or at curve 11 from 8.30am.

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