Rerailing Curve 11

A nice chilly start to the day, with a bit of ice gracing the head of the rail

We set about re-railing the high leg of Curve 11 and achieved excellent progress.

Pure excitement was the feeling that seemed to overcome the gang this morning! We’re really getting into our stride with the rerailing now and it seems to run like clockwork.

We’d prepared on Tuesday by removing all screws and anchors, which took about half a day, which as we learnt today is really more effort and time than the actual re-railing.

We did trim one or two rails to correct the joint locations at the sleepers, but generally joints fell very appropriately between sleepers.

The clipping up gang was able to keep hot on the heels of the digger and its crew slewing in the new rails and bolting the next length on.

We reached our intended end point ahead of lunch time, having completed 393m of rerailing.

So as soon as lunch was over, we set about getting underway on the low leg, we had only removed the anchors here, so a bit of time was spent removing screws.

Again one cut was required to correct a joint, but otherwise all was good, luckily it was at the only spot we could get the truck close.

We managed to install and clip up 180m of rail in the low leg, which is almost half the curve. In this pic the digger is sitting right at the end of the completed work.

As yet we haven’t joined this afternoon’s work into the old rail as depending on numbers tomorrow, we might be in a position to tackle at least a few more lengths.

Tomorrow’s crew will be meeting on site at Curve 11 (near the gas pipeline) from 8.15am.

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