Turnout Complete

A busy day for today’s gang of 3, with the final 7 timbers spiked up, everything tamped, including removing a big dip in the turnout and everything boxed and tidied up.

A reasonable amount of gauging was required down by the crossing and as a result everything now runs through much more smoothly. Although nothing was out of tolerance before, it didn’t all sit in a nice straight line, however it does now.

Some of the timbers came out in reasonable condition, but a good number came out like this!

After a really thorough tidy up and lots of shovelling to fill the tamping voids, it has come up looking a treat.

And just I’m time too, as not half an hour after we finished, a Steam Loco from Maldon arrived, ready to haul a wedding special.

Check back on Monday for details of Tuesday’s workday.

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