Big Tidy Up

A massive tidy up effort around Castlemaine Yard kept us busy today.

We’ve shortened up the 3 siding extension, to ensure adequate clearance is always maintained to the workshop road. The pile of sleepers now the only remnants.

A lot of attention of paid to the ballast profile on B road, mainly to provide an adequate surface to allowing walking along, as the surrounding ground is quite boggy.

As part of our ongoing track inspections, signs of gauge working in this and the next turnout have now reached a point where we need to undertake some timber renewals before they’re a safety concern. Only 15 are required in turnout 43 and a further 5 in Turnout 28.

Thursday will see us making a start on the 6 monthly track walk, departing Maldon around 8.15am. However on Friday we’ll jump back into Castlemaine Yard where we’ll begin changing these turnout timbers.

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