Re-railing Preparations

Today we set out preparing the remainder of T12-13 for re-railing. We’ve removed any non essential fastenings, dropped out all the jewellery and prepared the rail ends ready for the change over on Thursday.

So far we’ve really only prepared the remainder of the straight, but if we find we’re going great guns on Thursday, we might even do the high leg of Curve 12 also.

Yesterday saw lots more mowing, between Maldon and Bendigo Rd, as well as lots of weedspraying around Maldon Yard to try to slow the regrowth of weeds.

Thursday and Friday will be pretty big days, as we can easily increase or decrease the work to match the gang size. Both days starting Maldon 7.45am or out on site (about 0.5kms on UP side of Muckleford) from 8.15am.

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