Maldon Yard was getting a little overgrown, so today we corrected that.

A combination of the flail and brush cutters pretty quickly took care of the overgrowth.

Being able to do the bulk of the work with the digger certainly made the brush cutting more manageable.

We’ve basically done everything that needed it and even a bit more, just to make it even easier next year.

Once we’d knocked over Maldon, we set about tidying up under the bridges, with Muckleford Creek, Walmer road and Farmers Bridge all tidied up.

Once the forecast stops predicting rain, we’ll hit some of these spots with some spray to help reduce the growth for the rest of the season, especially in the more difficult to mow areas.

Tomorrow, we’ve only got Winters Flat Bridge and the level crossings around Castlemaine to go and we’ll have a very tidy looking Railway.

Meeting at Winters Flat Bridge from 8.15am.

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