Maclise St. Done!

A long day, but it’s done and boy has it come up a treat.

A nice mild morning set a good pace.

Job one was cutting the rails to the correct length, now a keen eye will note that these cuts seem to give a big gap, which they did, however this was the mark we placed when the rail was at its warmest temperature yesterday, which must have been right as it grew back to that size this afternoon.

Before long everything was roughly bolted up and clipping well underway.

Plenty of ballast.

Only a very minor lift was needed to get to final height, we’re certainly getting much better at this, as this seemed very easy and nowhere near the amount of work as the previous crossings.

Some tidying up and installing the final bolts in the up side IRJs once they’d grow to the right length.

The gap closed up around 30mm by the afternoon.

Just after lunch the asphalt went down and how great it very quickly looked.

A few last bolt tightens to ensure the IRJs were appropriately tight.

Thankfully there was a bit of extra asphalt, so the approaches to the pedestrian crossing were sealed also.

The whole job has come up an absolute treat, with many locals already commenting how happy they are about it. We even reinstated the lights with all new track leads and everything worked first go! The before shot below shows just how different it now looks.

A marvellous job. A big credit to all the gang for putting in the extra effort, it really is appreciated and you should all be extremely proud of your efforts.

We’d also like to thank Mount Alexander Shire Council for their contribution to cover the Asphalt and Traffic Management. We can just about manage the cost of the track part, but without their support, these jobs just couldn’t happen.

Another big job off the list! Check back Monday for details of workdays next week.

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