Maclise St Rebuild

One last look at the old crossing.

By 7.30 this morning we were into the destruction phase, removing the last of the sleepers, digging out the road and unbolting the joints.

It was a hive of activity, with everything running like clockwork.

Once we’d removed all the old material, it was onto a bit of future proofing. We’ve installed a 100mm conduit for potential future use, while a relatively easy task, the ground was very rocky so it did slow down the progress a little.

By early afternoon it was roadbase, geofab and drains in, layer of rock spread and sleepers laid out with rails being towed into place. Thankfully we’ve got all the gear for this these days, as it’d be a hell of a job without it!

It wasn’t too long before we were into clip up mode, after the insulated joints at the down end were bolted up.

We spent quite a bit of time lining the curve and the approach, which now resembles something much nicer than we had before.

At close of play, we’d clipped up both legs to the UP side of the roadway. Tomorrow morning we’ll cut in the far end joints and complete the bolting up. Then onto ballasting, lifting and tamping.

We’re pretty much on schedule, however there is still a bit to go tomorrow, so any extra hands would be greatly appreciated. Meeting Maclise St from 7.30am.

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