Muckleford Yard

Today saw us return to Muckleford to complete the job started on Monday.

To complement the 1 in 3 concretes, we’ve replaced all single shoulder sleeper plates with double shoulder plates fastened up with Pandrol adaptors.

This should extend the life of the remaining timber for quite a few years.

We even unloaded a loo… hopefully more to come on that next week!!

While we were there with all the gear, we replaced another 4 failed timber sleepers, all under joints, this required the fishplates to be changed also.

After lunch we descended on the 1 / 2 road turnout, where some loose chair bolts and various other small faults were corrected.

One of those faults being a cracked chair under the heel block. A replacement was found and installed. The heel block itself is also cracked, however it’s in constant compression and captive, despite the crack. Given we didn’t readily find a replacement, the old one should suffice until the entire turnout requires renewal.

V/Line and their contractors have now completed welding in the insulated joints, which all look very snazzy and shiny.

This is a massive boost for the ongoing maintenance of the crossing and we’re extremely grateful this was included as part of the project. Hopefully next month will see the fitting of the flashing lights.

Tomorrow, we’ll be getting back to the new turnout at Castlemaine, if all goes to plan we should get a fair bit of it fixed down. Meeting Castlemaine Yard from 8.30am

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