No workday Tuesday 22nd June

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, there won’t be a workday tomorrow (Tuesday).

However today saw V/Line and their welding contractors make a solid start at welding in the insulated joints at Bendigo Rd.

We even made a start on an extra job which popped it’s head up over the weekend, a fractured rail in 1 road at Muckleford needs replacing.

When we checked to make sure the sleepers were good enough to take a cross bore for a new rail, we decided it was time to replace the whole high leg of this short curve and install 1 in 3 concrete sleepers, as the overall timber condition was not great. It was also found the adjoining rails weren’t in as new condition, so we’ll replace the whole high leg with one single 40m rail to remove the joints in the curve.

We had planned to be working here tomorrow finishing it off, however due to some unforeseen circumstances, we won’t be running a workday tomorrow, hopefully this will now become Thursday’s job.

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