While we sheltered from the rain showers, the footings for the workshop building were drilled and the concrete poured.

The shed bits are expected on Tuesday, with the main erection likely to be well under way by Thursday.

Today was spent in the shelter of the loco shed continuing with works on the pit timbers.

Hopefully it’s now quite obvious why we built the temporary track over the other pit, as using the digger to lift the timbers in and out for cutting is far easier than anything else!

A little blurry in the low light conditions, but it certainly gives the idea of how little is left to complete this pit now. Today saw all the western side timbers cut, drilled and loosely installed, ready for grouting next week. We expect to install the end timbers next week also, then onto track!

In possibly even bigger news, this week saw the start of the flashing light install at Bendigo Rd. So far only a pole and conduit for the power box is in, but we’re expecting significant works over the next few weeks!

At this stage, we’re planning on being at Castlemaine next week, definitely on Tuesday and provided we’re not clashing with the shed erection we’ll be there later in the week too. Tuesday, meeting Maldon 7.30am or Castlemaine from 8am.

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