Pedestrian Crossings

Today saw us resurface the three pedestrian crossings in Castlemaine. They were all getting quite uneven and lacking material.

The two pedestrian crossings near Maldon Junction received a lot of attention, with complete renewal of the timber sleepers underneath with concrete. We then used left-over road base material from Rowe Street, thoroughly moistened and whacked down to give a nice compact foot way.

The crossing at Brown Street received a similar treament, although the sleepers underneath were not renewed, we’ll do that when we re-rail through here.

One day we might win tattslotto and be able to afford to asphalt these pedestrian crossings.

We’ve also tidied up our loose materials around Rowe St. Crossing and moved some gear around ready for Thursday and Friday, when we replace the life expired beam in Muckleford Creek Bridge. Meeting Maldon 8am or Muckleford Creek Bridge from 8.30am.

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