Rowe Street

Another very long day, but it’s done.

We began today by installing 6 concrete sleepers, removing the last timber sleepers under the insulated joints, we’d held off doing this until the track leads (part of the flashing light circuitry) were pulled out of the way.

Then the rock went on while the closure rails were cut, drilled and installed.

And this is why we cut closure rails, to move this horizontal step in head wear away from the insulated joints.

Now that step couldn’t be left in the track as it was, so we finally put to use our rail grinder, and what a great job it does!

The final lift and very thorough tamp.

A final dressing of rock and a good whack saw a sensationally hard surface ready for the hotmix. The whacker, hotmix and traffic control are all courtesy of our local shire, Mount Alexander, without their generous support it would be many many years before we could afford to do this, thanks a million!

By 1pm, the allotted time, the hotmix hit the ground. Spread initially with our digger, which saved a power of time and effort.

The finish achieved is really very stunning, the asphalting crew certainly knew all about railway crossings, so hopefully we’ll be able to call on them again.

V/Line also made use of the opportunity to renew all the very old track leads and rail connections, which apparently has resulted in a significant improvement in circuitry. They were fully recommissioned and tested without any trouble.

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone that has helped us out with this project. But a big shout out to Mount Alexander Shire Council, V/Line and our sensational track gang for achieving such a marvellous job.

Next week is a little up in the air, however Tuesday will certainly be a tidy up at Rowe Street Day, meeting Maldon 8am or on site from 8.30am.

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