5 siding

We’re getting there, the end is now in sight. Today saw all the sleepers laid out, rails cut and drilled to length and a good start made on clipping up.

Given the fact this is a siding, we’ve used up a lot of short lengths of rail, which is a nice thing to do, but ends up being quite time consuming bolting them all together, cutting and drilling as required to turn it into a string of rail.

But by lunch time, it was all starting to look a bit more finished.

We’ve clipped up well over half of one leg. There’s about one days work left to finish that and another to ballast the track and lift it enough to make it usable. We still need to do some lining, but the basic idea is now very obvious.

Once we complete and ballast this, it’ll look very smart and more or less complete the works for this part of the yard.

Thursday (and probably Friday) we’ll be at Muckleford Creek Bridge replacing a beam which has decided it’s time to retire has arrived. Meeting Maldon 7.45am or Muckleford Creek Bridge from 8.15am.

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