Well we did it! The turnout is now connected and usable, so long as trains only wish to head towards the turntable.

Once the last of the closure rails had been installed and fastened down, any missing ballast was applied.

The majority of the afternoon was spent removing the spreader bars and turnout rodding to enable ballasting and tamping, once complete all that was re-instated and tested.

Unfortunately, a nearby turnout, whose rodding also had to be removed for the exercise, didn’t behave itself when re-assembled, so a good amount of adjustment and testing was required but it’s all fixed and fully usable.

The whole turnout has had a good tamp, but at this stage only a minimal lift to get it serviceable. Once 5 siding is connected, we’ll be able to apply a little more rock and get it to a perfect top and level.

With the piles of ballast and dirt now cleared, the turnout can be clearly seen from the carriage shed, it’s just that little bit between to go now and it’ll be usable.

We had hoped to get a bit more done on 5 siding, but as with any work in a yard, things never go quite to plan or happen as easily as they would out on the track, but we’re still very proud of our efforts.

We’ll be back here on Tuesday next week, hopefully to get the concrete sleepers laid out, rails bolted together on top and a get a start made on clipping up. Meeting Maldon 8am or Castlemaine from 8.30am.

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