5 siding

Well we’ve made a good start on building 5 siding, starting at the carriage shed and working towards the turnout.

This point marked us running out of concrete sleepers on site (plenty more at Muckleford though).

The rail used here was the last of the 80lb still lying around the yard at Castlemaine, it’s not a bad spot to use up all the odd short lengths.

The main focus of today was to complete the projection out from the shed, and re-instate a crossing for fire access and our hi-rail access while the turntable road is out of action.

Once the gravel was spread, it was looking pretty snazzy. We did also tamp and lift as required (not much of a lift though as we put a lot of effort into getting the formation height right first)

It’s amazing how much more finished it now looks.

Next week we’ll be a bit all over the place. Monday is an odd jobs day, with no formal workday. Tuesday there won’t be a workday at all. However Wednesday will be a works train, moving the remainder of the required Materials into Castlemaine to complete the current works. Thursday and Friday should see the new turnout connected up and available for use (to the turntable at least).

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