Turnout, tidy and track

After the short lockdown hiatus, we’re back.

The final bits and bobs on the turnout were completed today, just the connection with the existing track, ballasting and tamping to go now.

The last few dogs were the only real outstanding item.

Point lever, crank and spreader bars have also been installed.

Operating very nicely. As always we had to re-remember exactly how to fit these from new, we do it so rarely, but we got there!

Rolf even installed and tightened the last of the Heel bolts, with the patented heel bolt spanner.

It’s certainly looking the business now.

The first bit of track projecting out of 5 siding shed road was also started, a bit of excavation was required as we’ve inevitably built this up to gain access, but it’s all gravel and will be perfect as to go back as ballast.

The big digger is proving ideal for these larger concretes, no hesitation and no issues with reach.

In fact it’s proving very useful for this work as all this sort of lifting work is barely an effort for it, the poor little takeuchi will do it, but it’s a bit of a strain at a full reach, the combination of machines, while a pure luxury, is proving to be very benifical and saving a lot of wear and tear on the little fella.

We even assisted in a cleanup of one of the station building rooms, some water tanks were fitted years ago with the toilet upgrade, unfortunately the pump died some time back and the full tanks have started to cause subsidence to the floor (loosely paved brick on uncompacted fill). Hence they’ve been drained, disconnected and removed, they will no doubt be re-deployed to a better, more useful location.

Lots of old signs were stored in the room too, however they’re all of some significance, so to help preserve them for the years to come when in themselves that’ll be museum pieces, we’ve moved them to the carriage shed. Where they can decorate the rather boring tin walls instead of loosing a bit of our history.

The small length so far will be extended tomorrow when we get the levels sorted out beyond here and then we’ll back fill and tamp to re-establish the fire access (and our access).

Now…. A bold claim was made last week about not seeing snakes often… Sorry it was a lie. Another, slightly smaller brown, did an almost exact repeat performance of deciding to travel from near the mainline, through the middle of the gang (having lunch) and onwards to the creek! However right up by the carriage shed today.

Again, as calm as a cucumber, very interested in all these people, but a bit annoyed by the piles of dirt that probably weren’t there this morning!

He had a good few goes at this mound before deciding going around it was the better option.

Tomorrow we’ll be back here, building more track towards the new turnout, please join us from 8.30am. (might even see another snake!)

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