Today was actually very successful, with lots of little preparation jobs now completed ready to get the new turnout and trackwork in later this week / next week.

The short section of 5 siding inside the shed has been laid and since filled to rail height, ready to lifted and tamped when we get the adjoining track connected up.

Lots of other tidying jobs are now complete between the carriage shed and the platform, with the turnout area now dug to depth with Rolf on site putting in the survey pegs for it’s location as we left tonight.

All the old sleepers have been bundled or disposed of, old panels of track we just piled up last year have been broken up so we can re-use the rail. All those sorts of things, nothing amazing in itself but all important.

Tomorrow will be a quieter day, however Thursday and Friday should be a hive of activity as the turnout construction begins (we may knock it over, but more likely we’ll get about half way through the job this week)

Meeting on Thursday, 8am at Maldon or 8.30 at Castlemaine.

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