Bridge Work and Yard Work

The finishing touches to Winters Flat Bridge works were completed today.

Amongst the works was a bit of jacking and packing the track at the abutment, which we’d managed to move slightly while jacking the bridge.

Some precision engineering of an angle iron was undertaken to make everything fit.

A small amount of jacking and packing is almost always required, timber is rarely straight and square after many years in the elements.

The final holes through the beams were drilled and bolts installed.

One pile required it’s shoulder packing to be renewed and to make life easier we hired an elevated work platform.

The final task for this year on this bridge was installing this weird looking piece of steel strap…

By first turning it into this

And finally around a pile which was starting to spilt, this action should increase the life of the pile by many many years as it prevents any further splitting and subsequent failure.

While all that was happening, another crew in Castlemaine were busy preparing for the new 5 siding turnout.

The rails and sleepers where the turnout is to be built have been unfastened and lifted.

This turnout will be built in situ, given the turntable road is not needed during the diesel running period it’ll save a lot of work and allows us a bit more flexibility time wise.

This turnout will connect the third shed road, which means moving all the stockpiled material (mainly old sleepers), around 15 packs worth were sorted today, strapped and piled for re-use or disposal. It’ll still take us a good portion of next week to get the site ready to begin turnout and track construction however.

Tomorrow’s weather is again looking like a washout, so no planned workday. But next week we’ll have gangs running Monday and Tuesday in Castlemaine Yard preparing for turnout building later in the week, meeting at Castlemaine from 8.30am.

2 thoughts on “Bridge Work and Yard Work

  1. Just want to say how much I appreciate this blog. I know that it takes plenty of time and effort to produce, but it’s a great way of keeping up with developments on the railway, and also understanding where my membership subscription goes. And of course the work crews are doing a fantastic job too.


    1. Hi Tony,
      Thankyou for the kind comment. We’re glad you find it worthwhile, it is yet another thing to do at the end of often long days, but it is a really easy way to help communicate our struggles, achievements and overall progress, enabled by peoples hard earned contributions. This year should see even more variety and hopefully a few new activities, so please keep checking back regularly!. Cheers, Will.


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