Rail Recovery

Well it’s getting close to being a done deal, as far as getting the rail onto our railway anyway.

We’ve managed to sled as far as we physically could, which is about 110m shy of the end of for track.

The afternoon was spent bundling and collecting up the jewellery between the end of the sledding and Moscript St.

Interestingly there was a small memorial made from fastenings to mark the end (almost the end anyway) of the rail recovery part of the job. We can’t claim credit for this work (artist unknown), but it did seem fitting that Mick and Will got a snap of this quite clever piece of work before the jewellery was loaded up and taken away.

The end is near, however going by the sleeper condition the end was very near anyway as the rail was really only holding onto the sleepers by rust and rock against the rails.

A few sleepers have been lifted, only thousands more to go now! Unfortunately, the vast majority are basically the quality of the kindling that can be seen on the left, this makes the job quite time consuming but it is what it is.

Tomorrow we’ll run another rail train or two to start clearing the great backlog of rail that’s amassing around the junction. We’ll also have a small crew collecting jewellery down towards Moscript St. if we have enough numbers. Meeting around the junction at 8am or between the junction and Moscript street thereafter.

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