Jewellery Pickup

Well today was promised to be an action filled fun experience, it didn’t dissapoint!

The day was almost exclusively devoted to picking up all the steel work and relocating for collection by truck.

We had a very impressive turnout today, with 12 of us on hand for morning tea!

With an even nicer spot found for lunch.

Thankfully having so many allowed for a couple to assist in servicing the little digger and marking up the next rails to be cut. It also meant the crew picking up the jewellery got a small rest between filling the bucket.

As per the rest of the project we’ve separated out the 80lb anchors, but 94lb anchors, plates and spikes have all been piled together for separation at a later date. Here John does the honours of chucking in the last anchors for the day.

Thankfully the big digger and it’s very strong grabs are able to manage the little diggers loaded bucket with ease, while it was out of action being serviced.

This is one of many piles produced today, they seem too small for the enormous amount of work that goes into picking up all the jewellery, but hopefully we can hire a magnet so we don’t need to manually handle these again.

Tomorrow is looking hot, too hot for any significant works, so we’re suggesting to take a day off. We’ll be out towing rail with the diggers, but even that might be given away by lunch time if the heat gets too much (rubber tyres on hot steel rails aren’t the best mix).

Next week will be rail cutting and stacking from Tuesday to Friday, so lots of activity for anyone interested.

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