Rail Recovery

A real milestone was reached today with the final rail towed over Moscript St.

This morning saw the final 6 pairs of rail sledded and towed across the roadway.

By 9.30 we had only one to go.

And then gone it was. The significance of today being that we now have all the rail over all the roadways! No more traffic management required as we no longer need to foul the roads. It also means the most time consuming portion of the work is now behind us.

The afternoon saw us tidy up the jewellery ready for pick up tomorrow and begin to lift sleepers from the roadbed.

We’ve also managed to drag all the rails as far north as possibly, as well as making a start on fishing out the shorter rails that don’t require trimming and getting them up on our track ready for loading.

Tomorrow will be a fun filled action packed treat, as we collect all the remaining loose jewellery and place in stockpiles ready for transport off site. Meeting at Moscript St. from 8.15am.

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