Rail Trains

Another two rail trains were loaded today, one was discharged, the other transferred to Muckleford for discharging in the coming weeks.

This pic shows the train parked up where the rail drop ran out yesterday, well on the Down Side of Rifle Range Bridge.

Today’s load took the Down leg to approx 500m short of Boundary Track, while the up leg is not quite out of Curve 8. We’re dropping the rails out in such a way as to best utilise the least worn running edge (generally the opposite of how it was in the Maryborough line).

The gang made use of the discharge time to mark up the next rails to be cut and loaded, overall an extremely successful week.

Next week we’ve organised to get the traffic controllers back in to get everything south of Moscript St. over and that’ll see the end of our road crossings!

Monday we’ll be at Stephen St from 8am, Tuesday at Moscript St and Wednesday we’ll be sledding from Stephen to Moscript and towing over Moscript. There should be lots to do on Tuesday and Wednesday so please feel free to join us.

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