Rail Train

Well today was our first attempt at a rail train…. It’s not going to go down in history as our greatest success, but we’re confident we’ll have an efficient system very shortly, but fundamentally it did work and we’re going to be able to get all these rails to where they’re needed without too much hassle.

Using both diggers, the rails were placed beside the track ready for lifting up.

And the lifting on, using the diggers in tandem, it worked okay but a third digger would help even more for this method, we have another method in mind however, more on that next week.

A keen eye will note we’ve drafted in a 4 wheeled wagon (HZL wheel transport wagon) to help us move the 55m lengths, ideal length train for our needs.

It took us about 2 hours to load the 18 94lb rails, greatly slowed by the number of joints. We are hoping we can greatly speed up that process with the remaining rail, as we’re fairly joint free from here on in thankfully.

Beside loading a train, a lot more rail was cut and dragged up ready for loading, we’re making good headway now.

All this is now ready for loading and dropping out next week!

Our grass cutting contractors have also been busy and wow what a difference it makes! There’s still a bit to go, and a second cut in places is likely, but overall it’s now quite presentable.

Next Tuesday will be more rail cutting at Maldon Junction from 8.15am.

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