Rail Recovery

Well after what has been a pretty big week, we are now proud to say we’re over half way through the recovery project, still a lot to go, but we’re making significant headway.

We spent today towing a good number of rails over Fryers Rd, with our new and improved ski jump.

This very short section before the crossing must have been resleepered just before the line closed, as it’s the only section so far that has been good enough to jack and pack up! This version of the ski jumped proved to be ideal, giving us heaps of clearance.

On Monday we’ll be back here, moving the dragged rails up to Stephen Street and bring the next lot up to Fryers Rd, ready for more over the roading on Tuesday.

We’d also like to put out a small plea for assistance…. Given the enormous amount of grass growth this season, all of the road and pedestrian crossings around Castlemaine are in serious need of a whipper snip. If anyone in the area feels inclined to help us out a little, so we can stay focused on the rail recovery project, we would be extremely greatful. Please contact ganger@vgr.com.au if you’re able to help.

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