Loco Shed

Another successful day. We’ve now completed the trackwork portion of the loco road.

We’ve ballasted, lifted and tamped the run off from the table, with the rock that was dug out from here a few weeks ago.

The rest of the track has been jacked to very near it’s final height and blocked in place with lots of packers. This will allow us to bucket in the gravel ballast without having to try and lift through the gravel.

The end result looks pretty good, certainly a much higher class than is really needed for a loco road.

In the afternoon, we loaded all of our drums and pallets of jewellery that we’ve slowed amassed in the Yard onto wagons ready for taking away to a better home.

We also turned two of the ballast hoppers, so that all of the discharge wheels were on the same side.

And the first few metres of our new track were tested by resting the ballast plough there while the hoppers were turned.

It’s been a very successful couple of weeks. Tomorrow, owing to a small backlog of small odd jobs and very low gang numbers we’ve called it off as a workday.

Tuesday next week will be a gang as usual, 8am at Maldon. And with any luck the ballast will be on site before Thursday to allow us to complete the loco road.

3 thoughts on “Loco Shed

  1. Very nice, looks great. Awesome to see the huge amount of progress undergoing over the last few years at the VGR. Congrats and keep up the excellent work all.


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