Sleepers and Point Timbers

The day began with an almost record breaking clipping up of concrete sleepers, we’d clipped up all 90 before morning tea.

We’ve got a very well practised system now, now that we’ve more or less run out these sleepers.

Hopefully more sleepers are very close on the horizon.

Today Clive managed to get his car a little closer to mother nature after deviating just slightly from the hard track, nothing a snatch strap couldn’t manage thankfully.

The rest of the day was spent replacing some point timbers in Castlemaine Yard. It’s always time consuming work, requiring disassembly of rodding and working in restricted space.

We did fairly well considering, with 7 out of 8 under the track, 1 to go tomorrow and bit of cross boring to tidy up some funny gauge.A keen eye would note the shed going up in the background.


It’s going up at a staggering pace! No doubt we’ll be able to show further progress tomorrow. Meeting 8.30am at Castlemaine Station platform 3.

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