Castlemaine Track work

Well to complement all the excellent construction and improvement work we’ve been doing lately, it’s time for our quota of destruction.

And destruction it was! All 3 tracks in front of the carriage shed have been lifted, to allow for the construction of the carriage shed extension starting very very shortly.

It’s hard to see the full extent of our destruction here, but all 3 tracks no longer exist, the bulk of the sleepers have been collected and piled well clear, some the jewellery is still to be picked up and we’ve dropped out 100ish concrete sleepers to re-lay the Turntable Track.

We’re under the pump a bit here as it needs to completed by Wednesday to allow shed works to start! So if you’re at a loose end, please come along and help out, any help would be greatly appreciated as we’ve still got a lot to do.

Meeting Maldon 7.45am or Castlemaine from 8.15am.

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