More Concrete

In what’s becoming a very well practised routine, we managed to insert a further 100 concrete sleepers into tangent 7-8, taking us almost to the brown street pedestrian crossing.

The day began near the pedestrian crossing, the tangent had been prepared earlier in the week, so the gang moved on to removing the fastenings from curve 7.

We even resurrected the gooseneck for the power packs to carry the spike puller. The word from the boys was simply… Why haven’t we been using it all along (the truth is we just forgot we made it).

A couple of fishplates were changed, to allow concrete sleepers to be installed.

Once curve 7 had had it’s fastenings removed, it was back to clipping up concrete.

The gang caught up to the digger inserting the sleepers, which obviously impressed Rolf!

Earlier in the week we dropped out the last of our stocks of these timber replacement concrete sleepers. Unfortunately we will be a few hundred short of getting all the way to Midland Hwy and it’s also why we haven’t used any up the Maldon end of the track.

We’re very hopeful that we can secure more of these sleepers to allow us to keep up the momentum on our current re-sleepering project.

However…. From tomorrow we’ve got a change of pace, the carriage shed extension has been brought forward so we need to get on in a hurry to get the necessary track work done. We’ll actually be starting out at Guildford around 8.45am tomorrow, before making our way into Castlemaine to begin the track work. Please feel free to join us.

One thought on “More Concrete

  1. Hey, Will, leave something for the rest of us to do when they lift the restrictions.
    I need management to be able to get out and about for some fun before I’m also allowed out to help.
    Tony L.


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